dr dilawar husain Dr. Dilawar Husain
M.Tech (AMU), Ph.D (MNNIT)

Dr. Dilawar Husain, born in Lucknow, embarked on an academic journey marked by excellence and dedication. He did his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Aligarh Muslim University, graduating in 2011. His passion for furthering his knowledge led him to obtain a Master’s degree in Thermal Sciences from the same institution in 2013. Dr. Husain’s academic pursuits culminated in the completion of his Ph.D. from Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad, under the mentorship of Prof. Ravi Prakash, in 2020. His research interests lie in the realms of analysis, sustainability, lifecycle analysis, and ecological footprint analysis, reflecting his commitment to contributing to the advancement of knowledge in these critical areas. 

Beyond academia, Dr. Husain has actively participated in various conferences and seminars, presenting his research findings and engaging with fellow scholars. He is also passionate about mentoring aspiring researchers and students, guiding them in their academic and professional endeavors. Dr. Husain’s dedication to scholarly pursuits and his commitment to making meaningful contributions to his field make him a valuable asset to the academic community.

In addition to his academic achievements, Dr. Dilawar Husain has made significant contributions to the field of engineering through his innovative patents. He has filed three patent applications, demonstrating his expertise in various areas of thermal sciences and renewable energy technologies. These patents include Application No. 202221026487 A for a “Solar Radiation Furnace for Melting Non-Ferrous Aluminium and Its Alloy,” Application No. 202341055456 A for “Conjugate heat transfer analysis of a rectangular cooling channel,” and Application No. 202341064551 A for “Fabrication of Parabolic Through Collector (PTC) Using FRP and Aluminium.” 

Apart from his professional pursuits, Dr. Husain finds joy in learning and teaching, reflecting his passion for knowledge sharing and academic mentorship. His overarching objective in life is to contribute to the advancement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aligning his work with global initiatives aimed at creating a more sustainable and equitable world.

His work has been published in prestigious journals and books, showcasing his scholarly contributions in esteemed venues.

You can read about his notable contributions here.

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