Dr. Aqueel Ahmed Shah

Principal, MMANTC


Principals Desk:

It gives me immense pleasure to address you as a principal in charge of this college.   Since its inception in 2012 the college has been striving to provide quality education at affordable cost.  In our professional careers as teachers it is the students we are helping to move ahead in life. These students are the future rulers, administrators, and teachers that will roll the society and the nation forward at a time when we may be too old and weak or may not be there at all to witness the transformations.   But the struggle we undergo to give these services and good works we do to them (especially through education) and the society at large will remain and its benefits will be lasting both in this life and the next. It is important that in this struggle we support each other and help the students and ourselves move forward through innovations in education and project-based learning approach.  Our aim is to produce excellent professionals ready to serve the society and the nation with exemplary stamina, courage and compassion.  We strive to produce students who maintain not only good professional standards but also maintain good moral and ethical standards.


Our college has invested in bringing quality staff from top ranking universities and many staff are collaborating with each other on interdisciplinary fields.  Funding is limited and there has been a slowdown in the economy. Post Covid impact this issue is not just restricted to any one place but worldwide many countries and colleges face this slump and challenges.   Despite all these our staff has worked hard to promote education online and offline and have also initiated research work, published book chapters and research papers during such challenging times. ‘

My heartiest congratulations and well wishes to all the staff and students in their endeavors.   I am very much delighted and privileged to be here with you all.


Wishing you all the best!


                                                                    Dr. Aqueel Ahmed Shah

                                                                    Principal MMANTC