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dr dilawar husain
Dr. Dilawar Hussain

Assistant Professor & Head

Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Maulana Mukhtar Ahmad Nadvi Technical Campus, Mansoora, Malegaon. We are envisioned for technological pinnacle with human values and striving for the same with our best efforts. We are equipped with all sophisticated machineries and instrumentation with world-class infrastructure to deliver the best possible expertise to the young aspiring mechanical engineers. Highly qualified, research oriented and competent faculty selected from various institutes of national repute are our major strength. 

We are focusing on experiential and project based learning of our students in coordination with various core mechanical industries signing functional MoUs. Besides regular curriculum of Pune University we strengthen our students’ technical skills by industrial trainings, internships, various frontline softwares, research projects and alike. Multiple activities are organized by students of the department to sharpen interpersonal and leadership traits of their personality to resolve the complex problems of real life. No need to mention that almost all students are getting good placements since our first graduated batch in 2016. Our targeted achievements of near future are NBA certification, international placements and establishment of Automobile Center of Excellence in the department.




The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in the year 2012 with the inception of the institute itself accommodating 60 students in undergraduate and diploma programs each. The branch of engineering that involves the design, production, and operation of all types of machinery is one of the most fundamental and versatile engineering fields, it touches effectively every aspect of modern life. The roots of the industrial revolution with the advent of the steam engine through automated manufacturing, space to nanotechnology requiring gradually pioneering and sophisticated engineering solutions are in the domain of mechanical engineering.

  • MMANTC Mechanical Department transform the students into competent mechanical engineers.  
  • It is extremely presumed for producing outstanding engineers as professionals, researchers and entrepreneurs to play key roles in a wide range of industries including automotive, aerospace, biotechnology, computers, electronics, mechatronics, microelectromechanical systems, energy conversion, robotics and automation, thermal sciences, and manufacturing.
  • The department is proud to be collaborated with well-known International and National pioneers in their domains such as Siemens, Indian Bio-Diesel Corporation (IBDC), Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), planning the association with American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), ISHRAE and ASTM
  • Many of its alumni occupy key positions in industries and institutions in India as well as in abroad.


Workshop is the central facility for imparting training to the students in various shops as per their curriculum. Students of all branches use workshop facilities for fabrication of their minor and major projects.

Central workshop comprises of following shops:


In Machine Shop total 22 Lathe machines are there, out of which one is 6 feet bed and two lathe machines are All Geared Lathe. 6 Feet Lathe is generally used for Project Work.  In this shop two Milling machines are also there, out of which one is Universal Milling Machine and Horizontal Shaper Machine. It also contains one table Grinder for finishing of student’s job, One Bench Grinder for sharpening of Tools, One Power Hacksaw for material cutting & One Drill machine.


In Carpentry Shop 6 Tables are placed on which 4 carpentry vice are mounted, One ply cutter is there for cutting of students jobs & One Planner Machine. All carpentry hand tools are there in carpentry shop..


Welding Shop contain one Welding table and three welding machine out of which one is portable all machines are single phase, One portable cutter for cutting of hollow section. All safety equipments are present in Welding Shop.


In Fitting Shop total 4 tables are fitted with bench vice and all fitting hand tools .One Drill Machine is also there.


In Plumbing Shop total two tables with pipe vice in one table, All Plumbing dies are present in shop.


Smithy Shop contains two Hearth with Blower fun is present & Two Anvil and all hand tools.


In Sheet Metal Shop One Hand Press is there for Piercing and Blanking purpose and all types of Hammers required in Sheet Metal Shop. It also contains one hand Sheet metal shearing machine.


The CAD/CAM Laboratory has developed a significant experience in Simulation of various Metal Cutting Processes & Numerical Control in the field of Manufacturing Automation with Numerical Method optimization.

  • CAD/CAM Lab consists of the following Equipment’s for Practical Analysis such as CAD/CAM Lab equipped with 25 Nos Computer in build with good and useful software such as CATIA V5 Pro, ANSYS, AutoCAD, Pro E, MATLAB, Master-CAM

Thermodynamics Lab

The thermodynamics Laboratory provide equipment for the illustration of the basic principles of thermodynamics through to complex theories basic fundamental of applied Thermodynamics.

  • Thermodynamics Lab consists of the following Equipment’s for Practical Analysis such as Boys Gas Caloriemeter, Bomb Caloriemeter with Oxygen Cylinder Container, Orsat gas appratus Seperating and Throttling Caloriemeter with Boiler, Two Stroke Air Compressor Test Rig, Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Test Rig With Electrical Dynamometer, 4 Stroke 4 Cylinder Petrol Engine with Hydraulic Dynamometer etc.
  • Total Lab Cost: 394400

Department Library

 Mechanical Engineering Departmental library fulfills needs of students of degree as well as diploma in MMANTC. Number of books related to every subject of degree and diploma are available. The department library facility is available to students as well as faculties during college hours. Students can issue one book at a time and it has to be returned within 15 days. Apart from books there are magazines and journals also. The departmental Library also holds Project reports of previous year students, Seminar report etc. Previous year’s university question papers also available for students reference. There is also facility of book bank for poor and needy students. Who can avail all subjects’ books for whole semester. Here is the detail of departmental library.

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  Text Books



  Degree Project Reports



  Diploma Project Reports



  Seminar Reports


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