MMANTC Alumni Association


The primary goal of the alumni association is to establish and preserve a lifelong relationship between the Institute and its graduates. Moreover, one of the major goal of the association is to develop a committed membership base. As the feedback and inputs are collected each year from departing graduates. This information is gathered, examined, and applied to the institute’s current and upcoming projects. The alumni association has been a key stakeholder in influencing the institute’s policies and general growth. Also, Alumni are welcomed as guests at different technical activities and cultural festivals. Furthermore, Alumni are encouraged to help in organizing and establishing scholarship funds to help needy and deserving students. They are welcome to serve on the organizing committee for technical presentations and competitions as well as on the panel as experts in start-up meetings. Alumni also mentor final-year students to move their innovative projects towards incubation and help the institution in providing internship and career opportunities.

  • To encourage and promote communication between alumni and the institute.
  • To inspire the Alumni to take a sustained interest in the work of the Institute.
  • To arrange and support placement activities for the present students at the Institute.
  • To motivate the Institute’s students and Association for Research & Development participations to pursue careers in areas like electrical engineering, computer engineering, civil engineering, etc.
  • To promote campus hiring through alumni employed by reputable companies in India and overseas.
  • To utilize the rich experiences of all alumni of the institute for the benefit and progress of the current students.
  • To get the valuable advice of the Alumni in the overall development of the institute.
  • To provide guidance to the current students in their endeavors for better employment and higher studies.