MMANTC Siemens Centre of Excellence


  • Enhancements in institute labs foundation by receiving most recent open advances in building configuration, fabricating, arranging, examination and the board to serve the requirements of every single modern unit regardless of utilization of the apparatus and advances.
  • Ability up degree of workforce via preparing
  • Update course educational program to present day modern practices.
  • Advance exploration and Development and advancement for existing enterprises.
  • Preparing of understudies to improve employability.
  • Upgrade the specialized instruction establishments as current and furnished with condition of workmanship innovations.
  • Accessibility of prepared workforce to pull in businesses to set up units in the state.
  • Crossing over hole between Academics and Industry.

Mechatronics With industry 4.0 Laboratory

The Mechatronic lab with industry 4.0 unites four branches of designing, to be specific Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Communication and Software engineering. This permit understudies to deal with a smaller than normal processing plant like arrangement and on area, for example, Pneumatics and Power through pressure, Sensors, Communication Protocol, PLC programming, PLC Systems administration utilizing profibus and profinet.

The Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things, or IoT, is rising as the following innovation uber pattern, with repercussions over the business range. Industry 4.0 brings the fourth industrial upset. By associating with the billions of ordinary gadgets – running from fitness bracelets to industrial equipment – the IoT combines the physical and virtual world, opening up a large group of new chances and difficulties for organizations, governments and buyers.

Factory Automation Laboratory

The Factory Automation Lab permits the understudies to comprehend the necessity and working of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). This is the initial move toward the fourth Industrial revolution. Here the understudies figure out how to Program Modern PLCs, work with Mechanical Human Machine Interface (HMI), Industrial SCADA (Supervisory Control & Distributed Acquisition) and PLC organizing utilizing profibus and profinet.

 Advanced Electrical Drives Laboratory

AC/ DC Drives: Understudies are acquainted with the use of drives from the businesses where they are utilized to how to differ the speed according to process/application prerequisite and how it controls the different engine boundaries. This lab gives the correct recurrence converter appropriate for each drive application. The drive portfolio speaks to uniform designing, extremely high efficiency and convenient operation.

Switchgears: Understudies are acquainted with how in power framework switchgears are utilized to control, ensure and detach electrical equipment’s. Low voltages switchgears additionally utilized in private, mechanical and business sections. Siemens switchgear is broadly utilized in industry in view of their consistence with standard, precise design, operational advantages and wide range.

Process Instrumentation Laboratory

The Process Instrumentation Lab gives the plan to understudies to comprehend the usefulness of various mechanization forms like.

  • Digitalization
  • Pressure Measurement
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Flow Measurement
  • Level Measurement
  • Positioners
  • Weight Measurement
  • Process Controlling and Protection
  • Supplementary Components