Tree Plantation Derive At MMANTC College Campus

(Under the guidance: Prof. Adeel Ansari)
About Tree Plantation
On 28th July 2019, our college successfully completed the event of Tree Plantation under the guidance of Prof Adeel Ansari at college campus. Trees are the foremost source for producing the oxygen in environment, they helps to reduce the level of CO2. As we all know that the whole world is facing the problem of global warming and to recover from such problem planting the trees is become one of the most important aspects today.
It aims to increase to increase awareness of the natural resource, ensuring a healthy productive and sustainable environment. Prof Adeel Ansari encouraged students to plant more trees and take care of their plantation thereafter.
This awareness programs are key factors of encourage citizens to protect environment by planting trees. Students showed great enthusiasm in planting then on the day of “WNCD” and they knew their hard work recharge groundwater, prevents soil erosion.

Inauguration Function:
The event was begun with the welcome speech by the HOD of Civil Department, Prof. Naveed Mirza at that time he advised the volunteers to think differently for the society, to make positive changes and to make

The objectives of tree plantation:
That each student should plant one tree and also nurture that tree during his or her stay in the College campus. All students of MMANTC who are very interested in this kind of social activity have been directed to plant tree in MMANTC Campus on the occasion of world Nature Conservation Day.
MMANTC students have planted trees of various varieties like Neem, Shisham, Nilgiri, Kanchan a total of 50 samplings were planted in the college campus. These different varieties of trees have been planted in different areas of MMANTC campus. improvement.