Asif Rasool

Dr. Asif Rasool

Assistant Professor & Head

Ph.D. (BSACIST), MSc.(Physics),  B.Sc.(Non-Medical)

Area of Interest: Semiconductors and thin films technology, Fabrication and characterization of metal oxide thin films towards the memory application (Resistive switching), Fabrication and characterization of optoelectronic devices such as Ultraviolet (UV) –Visible Photodiodes/Photodetector, – Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)/Solar cells

Research highlights:

 Fabrication of ZnO based ultraviolet (UV) photodiodes with higher responsivity and fast switching speed.

 Fabrication of ZnO- based hybrid junction towards UV light detection and resistive switching memory applications.

 Fabrication of resistive random access memory (ReRAM, Memristor) devices using MoO3 as a switching layer.

 Fabrication of multilayered inorganic/organic heterostructures towards fast switching UV photoresponse and memory storage applications.

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dr raghib nadeem

Dr. Raghib Nadeem

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (AMU), M.Phil. (AMU), MSc.(AMU), B.Sc.(AMU)

Area of Interest: Special Functions, Fractional Calculus, q-Calculus

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Dr. Syed Md Humayun Akhter

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (AMU), MSc.(AMU), B.Sc.(AMU)

Area of Interest: Green Chemistry,Industrial Chemistry, Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology, Antimicrobial Activity

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Farhana Madam

Farhana Ataurrahman

Assistant Professor 

M.Phill, M.Sc (Analytical Chemistry), M.Ed, SET (Education)

Area of Interest: Material Science, Industrial Chemistry, Advanced Analytical Techniques

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sajid naeem mmantc

Sajid Naeem Ehsanur Raheem

Assistant Professor 

Ph.D. (Pursuing), M.Sc (Electronics), B.Sc (Electronics), SET (Electronics)

Area of Interest: Supercapacitor, Energy Storage & Environment, Embedded System, Analog and Digital Electronics, Robotics, Material Science

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Shagufta Parveen Mohammed Ayyub

Assistant Professor 

M.Sc (Physics), B.Sc (Physics), B.Ed, SET (Physics)

Area of Interest: Material science, Nuclear Physics, Atomic and molecular Physics, Nanotechnology

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nusrat ansari

Nusrat Shafeeque Ahmed

Assistant Professor 

M.Sc (Maths), B.Sc (Maths), B.Ed

Area of Interest: Integration and Derivatives, Calculus

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