dr salman baig

Dr. MD. Salman Baig

Assistant Professor & Head

Ph.D. (King Saud University, Riyadh), M.Tech ( M.S.R.I.T-V.T.U, Bangalore), 

B.E. (V.T.U, Bangalore)

Area of Interest: Internet of Things (IoT), Cryptography, Communication Networks, Visible Light Communication, Optical Communication.

Email: salmanbaig@mmantc.edu.in computer_hod@mmantc.edu.in

Dr. Shameem Ahmad

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (AMU), M.Tech (AMU), B.Tech (GBTU, Lucknow)

Area of Interest: Semiconductor Devices Simulation , Light Emitting Diodes

Email Id: shameemahmad@mmantc.edu.in

ashfaque ahmad

Mr. Ashfaque Ahmed

Assistant Professor (Academic Coordinator)

ME (VLSI & Embedded System), BE (E&TC)

Area of Interest: Internet of Things

Email Id: ashfaqueahmed@mmantc.edu.in 

shah awais

Mr. Shah Awais 

Assistant Professor

M. Tech (Embedded System), B.E. (E&TC), PGD (Embedded System & Design)

Area of Interest: Embedded System, Internet of Things and Robotics

Email Id: shahawais@mmantc.edu.in

Mr. Siddiqui Mohsin

Assistant Professor

M.E (DS), B.E (E&TC)

Area of Interest: Internet of Things & Wireless Communication

Email Id: siddiquimohsin@mmantc.edu.in

faheem ansari

Mr. Ansari Faheem

Assistant Professor (F.E. Coordinator)

M.E. (E&TC), BE (E&TC)

Area of Interest: Cyber Security, Electronic Devices, Analog VLSI.

Email: faheem.ansari@mmantc.edu.in

Fahad Bilal

Mr. Ansari Fahad Bilal

Assistant Professor

M. Tech. (E&TC), BE (E&TC)

Area of Interest: Antenna Design, Microwave Engineering, Signal Processing, VLSI Technology

E-mail Id:  fahad.bilal@mmantc.edu.in